Friday, 17 November 2017

Festive Stitching News

PM Pam's Bunting Cushion, all for her very own self...
I'm ever so chuffed that people want to make them.
We're coming up with all sorts of other ideas too. 

New Sue spied enough room for a sandwich making opportunity, as people started to pack up Sue was plotting and planning... but these things have to be done. I'm guessing Sue will be quilting this lovely project at out Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party on Sunday.

Gail will be ready for this very next Christmas, only thirty something days to go... 3 festive stockings, all the same but quite different, only need a few more stitches on their binding to be called 'finished'... and fabulous of course!

All Day Di had a wonderful day planning all the cushions she's going to make. All the different words she can use to "Festivate her cushions"!!! (I know!... a fabulous new word... I made it up you know... ha ha ha) This particular one is shiny and glittery but my camera refuses to share that with you! It's all stitched with silver metallic thread... fabulous

Brenda Duck couldn't help her very own self, she watched Di working away on her festive Bunting cushion, but not for too long... the urge took over and soon she was engrossed making one for her very own self too!
I am absolutely positive that you will be seeing more Festive Bunting Cushions...

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Stitching News

Monday Sheila surprised her very own self making this quilt.
She really enjoyed 'just' sewing squares together... I say 'just' because  that's what it is... sewing squares together... but when they are ready cut, perfect six inch squares, that's even better. We don't always need a complicated patchwork design, it's fun to go easy/easier sometimes! 

Sheila enjoyed sewing squares together so much that she stitched even more for the quilt backing!! I thought we had sold a lot of the Black and Cream, Angie's Six Packs... looks like Sheila bought them all! The professional quilting was a treat for Sheila too. The quilt is huge and she just couldn't face it... It  just needs binding now

Susan finished her gifting quilt top. The fabrics were chosen to the pattern book's requirements and, as often happens, Susan had enough fabrics left over to make a fabulous backing. It's a very effective design don't you think? Sandwich time.

Princess Jackie spied a perfect opportunity to pin a quick "Elephant" sandwich... Such a beautiful bright and happy quilt. Jackie will need to quilt almost every hour of every day to get it finished on time... nothing new there then! ha 

Norma's Blue and White quilt made with one Angie's Six Pack. Quilted with diagonal lines which looks great... Just the binding to go on now. Norma needs this quilt finished for sewing prevention season... 41 days to go!

Foundation Paper Piecing with tiny little "Logs". Rose purchased the pattern during our Annual Pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts this year. It's a very effective design but my goodness Rose has had to use a lot of brain power to get the colours in the right order!

All Day Di's fabulous and finished lap quilt, bordered with Flying Geese. Made using a Charm Pack from Moda's French General collection,... I'm actually thinking there might be two Charm Packs in this lovely gifting quilt Toot toot toooooot... 

Christal had scoured the internet searching for her 'next' project.
She knew which colours she wanted, also knew what size she wanted it to be... That's a good start... some folk don't know that bit! Design chosen, 9-Patches with applique hearts, perfect... fabrics purchased, licketty-split, top all done! fabulous.

Merrily purchased this panel a while ago. I think she said it was from Uttoxeter Quilt Show last year... no, wait... this year, 2017. She had no idea how to quilt it so, I interfered, ha! All those ends to tie off... sorry Merrily! and in Gold metallic thread!!! All worth while now... It's a fabulous, toot toot toot-abubble finish with Faux Pied Binding to boot. 

Jeannette Dilly made the light background block one week and the dark background block the next... She's not quite sure how to proceed from here. Will she make a quilt with the stars on point and therefore needing to make many more, or a table runner... needing one more? or two cushions? We will have to wait to see.

Enid came back!! She broke a bone in her hand... her best hand!!! How very silly! All sewing had to be stopped while it mended but now she's back in training... a little light chatter and walking foot stitching to start off with... boy has she missed us!!
This is Just Edna's job for the next few days... 90 miles of hand stitching for the bias binding edges of her superb, Double Wedding Ring gifting quilt! Ooooh... will she do it in time???

These pictures are from last week... I am trying to catch up, honest!
It's a busy-busy time in my very own, wonderful quilt shop... and life come to that!
In my classroom we are having a ball!!! With all the subjects we cover, the laughter... and tears, the mathemisms and creative planning and cleaning/tidying, sorting and arranging (and fabric ordering!) and generally keeping us all happy... the perfect purple camera gets forgotten about. 
I am not really apologising...really... just stating fact, ha!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Festive Cushions

I have, all at the very same time, a few mammoth quilt projects on the go at the moment. They are supposed to be being finished for the Uttoxeter Quilt Show in April next year. They're needing a lot of my brainpower!... I thought it might be a good idea to take a break from all the decision making.
A small project should do the trick. I made a Bunting Cushion guided by this tutorial on Moda Bake Shop . Quilted and finished... then I decided it looked a bit bare in the background... So I appliqued the Merry Christmas words. Still left with a gap I didn't like... I drew Holly leaves... I really can't draw good holly leaves. I drew Bells and a ribbon... you wouldn't have known they were bells and ribbon! ha ha ha... I am no artist! But I have circle templates!!! Baubles, baubles baubles... and a bit of perle cotton for the hanging string.... 
I love my new festive cushion.
I plan to make another...
I took it to my very own quilt shop to show off...
The ladies love my Bunting Cushion too

Farmer Lynda started to make one.
All Day Di started to make one

Jeannette Dilly started making one too.
Isn't it wonderful to inspire others.
Thank you Allison and Moda Bake Shop for the seed of the lovely idea.

Sue's Terrific Tote Workshop

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Stitching News

Brenda Duck came to make her sandwich... this quilt made with one Moda Layer Cake and One Moda Jelly Roll... all from the French General collection... Brenda wanted a quick and easy quilt and that's what the pre-cuts gave her. It's really effective don't you think?

Stephanie Iceland came to make her Cathedral Windows Sandwich... lovely, bright colours all in beautiful Batik scraps. The white fabric is sheeting... such a thrifty lady is Mrs Iceland. She used a Youtube method for making the Cathedral Windows and while we were pinning we found some pretty chunky seam bumps, so the quilting will have to be carefully and skillfully stitched.

Luna Twirly drove herself nuts trying to decide on the colour placement of her Charm Square fabrics... you know how it goes don't you... move that one, now move that one ...oh now move that one!! She sorted it in the end though.

Cuuuuuute!!! Jemima Puddle Duck.
I can't say a lot, not yet...
 but I wanted to show you how fabulous the thin yellow border strips look

As I'm a little short on pictures for this post (my perfectly purple camera got it's very own self a little lost this week) I thought I would show you this one, it's a phone picture of my artist, Lilly, in action. She came to my very own shop to do a bit of designing for me... pretty spectacular though quite complicated looking borders for my Hidden Wells Quilt.... This is her second stage doodle session and after a bit of a joint brainstorming with more paper and a ruler... we agreed! Lilly took it home to work on it a bit more... I'm feeling quilted excited! I might even enter this one in Uttoxeter Quilt show... but I'll reserve the right to decide which year! Ha.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Stitching News, With Tooting

Judy popped in to show us her finished, and ever so fabulous, Kimono Wall Hanging quilt. Every fabric very thoughtfully and carefully chosen from my lovely Batik selection. Toot toot toot Judy... all that thinking paid off in the end.
Toot toot toot now for our very own Jean Bean's fabulous, festive finish... not just finished but finished in good time for the very next Christmas that comes along... almost unheard of!! There's no stopping her now... there's even a few miles of very posh bunting done and finished in good time.

Inspired by Susan's 'Angie's Six Pack' lap quilt with it's bright green inner border... Carol chose rich indigo-ish blue for hers... isn't it wonderful to inspire and to be inspired... gosh the blue looks great... I might pinch that idea!  

Just Edna is making great progress with the quilting on her Double Wedding Ring quilt. It's a bit like wrestling an alligator at times, even with her big Janome coming to class, but Edna's going to be so proud to have quilted it all by her very own self.

Monday Sheila made about three and a half thousand stuffed little triangular tree bits in just one day. They will become super festive ornaments for the lucky people who purchase them at the fund raising event.

Princess Jackie added the sashing to this wonderful kiddy gift then went on to add balloon fabric borders... now just how fabulous are all those little, brightly coloured shapes Jackie appliqued to make the quilt individual? I might copy that idea too.

Woop woop, PM Pam raised the Santa Window Wall hanging bar a little higher.... She has quilted his beard with metallic silver thread and it looks ever so good, I hope you can see it from my picture... there are so many ends to tie in though... not pinching that idea! ha.

Now Gail has her turn... All the borders are on and the mitres were perfect... Gail can make a sandwich next week then... how high will the Santa bar go now?
Will there be sequins Gail? oh I almost can't wait!

Gail put Santa away while she considered the next special steps and got out the backing for her beautiful large quilt... Yes, this is the backing... I love it! not quite large enough yet though.. but, luckily, I have the perfect purple fabric to help Gail!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Stitching News

Jeannette has missed us because of work. She's managed to change the rota for a few weeks giving her a few Thursdays to come over and play. To help ease her back to stitching she chose to make this large festive fabric block! Goodness me, more like jumping in at the deep end to me!

I went to the shop a bit early on Friday to make this sandwich... which I actually pinned at about 2pm because new fabrics had been delivered and I had to sort them, and customers, out first... they were mostly Kaffe... (the fabrics, not the customers!)... wonderful, colorful and bright, you can take my word for that! anyway... the pattern/method I used is the fabulous Disappearing Hourglass but made using HST's (Half Square Triangles) made with two Angie's Six Packs of Ditsy Floral Prints and blue fabric, not 2 Layer Cakes as in the video you'll find if you search for Disappearing Hourglass.

Sporty Sue loved my quilt so she's using one of her 'Stashed' Layer Cakes with the addition of the fabulous green fabric yardage... I'll show you her progress as it happens. Have you tried this method? It's fun and very satisfying!
There's a lot going on in my classroom, lots of projects being worked on and the time is passing by so quickly that I keep forgetting to take pictures for you.
We're still buzzing and happy from our retreat last week. And we're already counting how many sleeps until the next retreat in March! ha....
Luckily we have a few Sunday Sewing Patchwork Parties booked before then, the next one will be on Sunday 19th November... we are all looking forward to a day of stitching fun... not to mention the catering we've got planned!
More later...

Tooting Time

First up is Sporty Sue's wonderful Trip Around The World Quilt. A giant of project that Sue has thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish... choosing fabrics, most of which are Beautiful Batiks, all of the piecing and she even thoroughly enjoyed stitching all those quilting trips... round and round and round again

You can see how many times she went round better from the back...
It's so big I couldn't fit it into my picture without shop stuff getting in the shot.
It's an absolutely fabulous finish Sue, toot toot toot-etty-toot

Woop woop-etty-toot-toot for Carol's fabulous finish... A Place For Everything is the pattern and it most certainly has a place for all of Carol's stitching supplies with loads of zipped pockets inside. This is what Carol was making during our recent retreat so there's a good 4-5 long days of sewing needed to make, what could possible be, the cutest little suitcase in the world!!
Luna Twirly never wastes a scrap of fabric... One beautifully quilted and monogrammed place mat made with fabrics left over from making an Advent Calendar and a little Mug Rug (no room for a biscuit though) made from those leftovers! Very thrifty indeed. Toot toot toot Luna

Luna Twirly made another cushion... it's the one we call the Beginner cushion only because it's a small project do-able in one day that teaches good basic skills... we love making these cushions! There's a little Mug Rug to co-ordinate of course...
Only the one Mug Rug... just in case you thought there were two!
This is the back of Luna's cushion, complete with a hidden zip
Toot toot toot Luna Twirly, you have been busy!