Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Stitching News

PM Pam used some of her left over beautiful Batik fabrics to make this fabulous and finished... and co-ordinating... cushion, toot toot toot... Actually it turned into a very good idea as Pam was able to practice how she thought she wanted to quilt the main quilt before committing to it....  it was a perfect design.

As we always encourage, a lovely cushion backing with the very simple method of putting in a hidden zip. It stops the cushion stuffer from popping out like a toddlers tummy when the pajamas are too small! ha ha ha

And this is PM Pam, on the very hot Tuesday, sitting at a table with the sun filled widow behind her as she slowly melted whilst quilting the main, and quite large, quilt... nothing like a large quilt to help you melt on a super hot and sticky day!
This 150 year old lady has stamina!!

Now, don't tell Princess Jackie that I showed you these next two pictures.
Are they just fabulous or what?
The pattern is Spring Bouquet by Laundry Basket Quilts

I thought it amusing when Jackie said that she was doing all the green thread applique first because she wanted to save all the bright colours to last... and that she reeeeeaalllly wants to stitch the pinks! ha ha ha

Krafty Karen, soon to be passing the 100 year age hurdle!!! Has decided to dable in applique. She's starting with one of our hot bargain patterns from Kids Quilts. First job was to decide which sticky stuff she wanted to use.... dilemma time.

Our Rose was also quilting... but not being perched in the window she didn't quite melt as well as our Pam. What a fabulous, bright and fun design this quilt is... I bet we will be tooting it very soon. Don't you love those extremely tactile little black Prairie Pointy bits?

New Sue also started a new project... I think the book is called Eye Catching Quilts and it's full of great quilt ideas. Sue made quite a pile of these luscious leaves with their super slender stalks... These are the easiest leaves of the three different designs she says.

Now then... Gail is making just a few more blocks...
Is that a total of 200? she's getting a little bit of stick from her colleagues over the length of time Gail has been making them, but it doesn't really matter does it?
It will be done, when it is done.
This quilt will be amazing, soon... very soon!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Stitching News

Starting off with a loud tooting fanfare for this fabulous and finished quilt made by Norma... She made it for gifting to a lady who loves green... and it is green... lovely and fresh with the addition of the white fabric. toot toot toot Norma.

Lou Lou saw Queen Jacqui's Advent Quilt at our Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party last month and couldn't wait to get the book to make one for her very own self... she's made a great start and is learning lots as she goes.

Norma is working on her Hidden Wells quilt in between all the other things she is sewing... and that is a long list! You know how exciting it is to start a new project don't you! Poor Norma can't sew fast enough for all of her ideas

Lots of customers are waiting for the workshop list to be updated.
I must apologise for the delay with that... I can't get my head around all the planning.
A few workshops have been added and I will be putting a few more very soon.
So, one workshop added is Cathedral Windows. but The Monday ladies don't want to wait until September so they are learning how to make Cathedral Windows in Monday Class... this is Sheila's so far... good eh!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Zipped Cushion Back

I wrote the tutorial that you have all been asking me for...
Click on the tab at the top of my blog and you will see how to get from...
3 pieces of fabric and a zip...
To this...
Have a go... it's easy!!


Stitching News

 This applique design is one of the Kids Quilts patterns... The quilt was small so Monday Sheila had a great idea... She used one of our pre-cut square packs to make an Eye-Spy border... what a super idea... I wish I had thought of that!

Fran Cupcake finished her machine quilting so it was time to trim the crusts off ready for the binding to be done. Once that job is done, Fran will be adding more quilting and hand stitching and some wonderful embellishing... Fran loves to embellish

Princess Jackie, our First Prize winning applique-er, is at it again...
The most wonderful quilt blocks using mostly beautiful, bright Batik fabrics....
She's loving the new Hover foot in her new Juki DX7

Morning Josie held up her fabulous Hexagon quilt... It was a pattern in one of the British quilting magazines, I don't know which one though. This is the largest quilt Josie has tackled so far, she's doing a great job! Border decisions have been made.

Almost done... The binding needs to be hand stitched to the back, apparently, by the seaside in a caravan! but appart from that, totally toot-able.., All Day Di absolutely loves this project... It's been made for a very special little girl

A very special and very lucky little girl
It's fabulous on the back too.

Brenda Barbara finished her Pineapple Blossom Cushion.
It's a 24 inch work of art!! Brenda has inspired lots of ladies to make a 24" Pineapple Blossom cushion, all for their very own selves... and as this cushion was made for gifting, Brenda will be making another for her very own self! ha ha ha

Not a scrap of fabric left over
Such a fabulous cushion back...
Toot toot toot Brenda Barbara, it's a fabulous finish!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Festival Of Quilts 2017

I thought I should remind you that it's time to book, and pay, for your seats for our coach trip to the NEC this year, if you haven't already done so that is. It's the same price, £25.00 and this includes your Quilt show entrance ticket. We are going with Copelands Tours on Sunday 13th August and there are several pick up points along the way... Meir, Cheadle, Tean and Uttoxeter.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Stitching News

Lady Judith is back... and she means business!
Hidden Wells progress... Hot and spicey colours coming together beautifully.
Remember she told us she would never make another large quilt...
Update... this one will be Kingsize!

Jean Bean started her day with a nifty-crafty sandwich... What a beautiful quilt this is... I must apologize for the dull picture, all my own work! ha ha ha... Jean has thoroughly enjoyed stitching this quilt top and spent the day quilting it, and... it could be a record breaking speed quilt for Jean Bean

Speaking of speed piecing... see the link! ha ha ha
PM Pam purchased these fabrics last thing in the afternoon on Tuesday last week.
This week she was making up matching cushions with the leftover Batik strips!

Our Carol is ever so pleased with her new cushion...
Made with the same method we use for the beginner cushions but cutting wider strip sets... It's a fabulous and finished cushion and therefore we shall give a toot toot toot fanfare

Our Carol invented a Faux-Piped cushion flap!!
How cool is that!
She is such a smarty pants... ha ha ha
Last evening I went to visit the next Sunday Sewing, Patchwork Party location to count up the tables and electric sockets, check on facilities, parking and access... all these things are important for our fun days... I can safely report that all was fabulous, there is a lot of space and there are loads of tables so we can open up a few more places if you were unsuccessful last time.
For more information about our Patchwork Party and to know the secret location, please email me 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Monday Blues?

Well, that's the weekend over and done with... she sighs!
Do Sunday clock fingers go around faster than other days? It certainly feels like that to me.
I escaped to Quilty Quarters for an hour or two during the afternoon, applique is a slow process isn't it... all the thread colour changes! but always worth it in the long run.
I am not 'blue' because it is Monday though...
Just incase you didn't read my other 'Blue' post I will repeat the Blue thing...
Only 2 days left now... for Today and tomorrow, there will be £1.00 off the metre price of Blue fabrics to celebrate the arrival of my new Beautiful Blue car... even though the blooming weather and the pesky fly-by-birds have decided to stop it looking new!!
The 10% off any fabric in the shop for finishing a bolt for me has now finished... Thank you for helping me make shelf space! I promise not to get in such a pickle again... ooooh... my nose is growing, ha ha ha!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Stitching News

Fran Cupcake came to make her lovely quilt sandwich.
Each applique has been stitched to my wonderful Moda Mochi Linen blend...
Fran says it's her favourite fabric to work with...
I thought that might interest you?

Norma came on time to make her gifting quilt sandwich... actually... Norma came twice because she forgot to prepare her backing so she popped home to sort that out. Because we offer excellent customer service... we dealt with it... our Annbacan was able to come in early to make her Hand sandwich (ha ha ha) so she switched table slot with Norma But I forgot to take a picture of Ann's hand sandwich.

Janet Le Vet booked a long Sandwich making slot... several hours!! She had quite a few quilts to pin. For one reason and another I can't show you all of them, nor can I show all of this one but here's a taster... now you all know where that wonderful black thread-ribbon-y fabric went!

Janet Le Vet made two Fairy sandwiches, there were 3 on the list but we ran out of time and pins ... and back muscles for the third one!

Merrily has almost finished her very special quilt. This is one block.... to tease! I talked Merrily into doing a bit of Faux Piped Binding so the end of this fabulous project is a little hour or two further away! ha ha ha I can't show it to you because it needs to be seen by Special people first.
There are a few secret project being worked on in my very own classroom so I can't show you... Just know that we are having a wonderful stitchy time... all will be revealed soon enough though.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Blue?... Do You Love Blue?

So... On the week that we were due to travel to Westhope, you know... the place where we went for our wonderful stitching retreat... (I might have mentioned it before?) Anyway... that week, my big old jalopy of a vehicle broke down, reaching the point where it was going to cost more money to repair than it was worth so... we had to hire a car to take me and all my toys to Westhope... such a beautiful car came for me... I loved it and it fit all my stitching toys in easily, and there was a lot of stuff. 
When I returned from my retreat... for one reason and another... I decided that I would take matters into my own hands and I went car shopping with my, very car enthusiastic, eldest and only son... and yesterday...
My beautiful, Quilty Blue car arrived... Beautiful Blue I tell you....
To celebrate the arrival of my beautiful Blue car I am going to take one whole British pound off the 'per metre' price of any blue fabric in my wonderful, and very well stocked, Quilt Shop...
You will have to have read this to know about it though... and you will need to tell me that you love the colour of my new car!!! ha ha ha

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Stitching News With Tooting

Sporty Sue, in between being very sporty indeed, has completed one quarter of her Trip Around The Batik World... of the sewing journey... not running variety. This quilt is going to have a punch of dramatic Wow me thinks!! Like I said... this is only one quarter so there are three more of these to make.

Speaking of WOW... Princess Jackie is ready for a toot toot fanfare for her fabulously-fabulous and finished, wall hanging sized, quilt... with Faux Piped Binding to finish it off perfectly. There's a lot of tiny detail and hand stitched embroidery embelishment in this project... and WOW is The right word!!

I'm not sure whether you know (ha ha ha!) we went to Westhope Collage for a wonderful long weekend retreat recently... I might have mentioned it? Maybe once or twice... While we were there, PM Pam was scrounging our scraps of fabric... now we know why... she made a Westhope Memory Cushion, a lembrancinha. 

PM Pam has made a start on festive stitching too.. after declaring there were only 25 Tuesdays until Christmas... click here to scare your very own self... Only 24 Tuesdays now Pam.... but you do have a fabulous festive finish so, toot toot toot

PM Pam again? Yes... another toot toot toot is required for Pam's fabulous and finished alphabet Kiddie Play Mat style of quilt... I hope you can see the quilting? If we shadow quilt around letters, lots of them are reversed on the back, so...

We had the cunning idea of quilting only guided by the numbers and letters... making funny/unusual shapes instead... doesn't it look great on the back? As is usual with lots of my very own lovely customers... Pam made good use of her left over fabrics toot toot toot Pam.

Fran Cupcake is ever so good at quirky work... Guided by her trusty Janet Clare book she made all of these blocks with a certain little lady in mind... all of her favourite things are in the blocks, just wonderful!... now ready for sandwiching so Fran can have fun quilting it.

Woop woop!!!! Gail had enough blocks to start joining them together!!
I think Gail thought the day would never come... ha ha ha. No trimming of blocks was necessary because Gail has made every block perfectly... she found that hard to believe but it is true!

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Wise Words?

It's another Sunday Sewing. Patchwork Party today.
We get to stitch all, all, all day with friendly chatter and a few giggles, no doubt.
We have a lovely lady coming to prepare a fabulous lunch and we'll have cake!
 Woop-woop!... Sounds very retreat like doesn't it!!!
And so off I go... I need to pack and prepare!!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Another Advert For 10%

You might be tired of me saying this (?) but I really feel that I have to tell you, confess, once again... 
Lots more fabric arrived!!! 
and there's another shipment due in later today!!! I am finding myself hiding when I see a delivery van arrive!! 
I even got Carol to sign for the fabrics that arrived yesterday! 
I think I am in denial, ha!
I have had to fill up not only one 'Temptation Trolley', 

but TWO 'Temptation Trolleys'... Yes 2!
More Bitty Bolts (Bitty Bolts = bolts with only small amounts of fabric on them) have been found/created and placed on the "Temptation Tables"
So, even though we emptied a lot of bolts already, the 10% off for finishing a bolt has to continue for a few more days... 
No wonder I can't sleep!!!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Crumbs And Mile-A-Minute Workshop

Today I went out and about. PM Pam and I were invited to go to teach a workshop to a lovely group of quilters over in Market Drayton, Shropshire... It was a hot and sticky day really but that didn't dampen the fun. These are some of the scrappy blocks they made... Lots of the ladies didn't want to go home, they wanted to continue sewing so Pam and I left them to it. Thank you for the invite ladies, you were a fun bunch... lovely cake too!!

Monday, 19 June 2017

Quilty Quarters

Actually the picture was taken just outside the window of Quilty Quarters... which was wide open to stop me from melting!!  Can you see me in the shadow? What a beautiful weather weekend!! And we will continue to slowly melt for a few more days yet... fabulous! So, my Hidden Wells quilt borders are all on and finished for now... I have a plan for a further border but the scrappy quilt I was working on before will have it's borders stitched first... then if I have had enough of applique after that... this quilt won't be finished with plan A but finished with plan B... ha! Pleasing my very own self again!!! The picture doesn't show quite how bright this project is... the colours are all vibrant really... Alison Glass fabric plays beautifully with Art Gallery Fabrics!!!
I had more fabric delivered to my very own quilt shop... We are loving these alphabet panels with their co-ordination fabrics... all with lower case letters!!! As requested many times...

Q is for quilt!

More of the Scandi Advent panels came, I ran out you know!!! Nothing like a bit of festive stitching while you slowly melt!

2 of my customers have upgrades their sewing machines to the wonderful Juki DX7 so they are looking to sell their Janome sewing machines This one at £175.00 would be perfect sewing machine for anyone just starting out. It does and has everything you need... even the extended sewing table... As does the 607 model which is also for sale.