Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Red, Raffle And Rose

We will be needing a little, loud and creative tooting...
Rose's Red raffle quilt is not only fabulous, it's finished!
She's taken a lot of extra care with all of the piecing and quilting to make people really want to own it... and so buy lots of raffle tickets....
obviously, because she wants to raise loads of money for the hospice...
This is the back of Rose's quilt... oooooh lovely! I love flying geese!!
There's a cushion being made too, it's almost finished and it co-ordinates so very beautifully... I'll have tickets for Rose in my very own shop, should you wish to try to win this beauty... I will let you know when I have them...
Are you ready? Toot toot toot!
I have a different, one I've not used before, excuse for not having many pictures for you... It was a rare, calm day in my very own quilting world. After cutting Beautiful Batik Hand Dye fabric, Quilter's Quarters, I set up a sewing machine, the Juki Beast (TL98) I've been trying to make new coasters for our mugs to sit on in my very own classroom for a while and yesterday I achieved that goal I finished them... and I forgot all about my camera! Lucky for you that Jean Bean picked it up to take pictures of Rose's quilt... I might have had to miss another day... and spoiled your breakfast reading! ha ha ha

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Stitching News

All is revealed.... the Art Gallery fabric selection that I showed to you yesterday have now been made into delicious Dresden Plates. Pam needs to make twelve of  them for her quilt, she says the Art Gallery fabric is beautiful to work with, I agree... it's luxurious and doesn't fray!
OK.. Pam is on a roll... this happy-lishous Hexagon project was to be a long term, portable one... you can see it's not going to take years to complete... Pam's making Hexagons Lick-e-tty Split!!! We laid out the progress so far... boy, do these colours make you smile! We love Moda Grunge fabric!
Just Jan added the last two borders to her Persian Carpet quilt... It's finished... at least the top is... in the picture its folded up ready for home. Jan's working on the back now and a sandwich making session is imminent. "How will I quilt it"... that's Jan's current question... any answers?
Oh, to be this organised... Christabelle is always organised, smart lady!
To be fair, it would be ever so easy to get muddled with this project, the blocks are so similar, labelling them in packs is probably the only way to stay on track.
Of course... there were many more lovely projects that I could have taken pictures of.., but I've only got one pair of hands!

Monday, 20 October 2014

It Is, What It Is...

And it is... chit chat. 
A very 'up and down' week in Angie's Patchwork And Quilting Shop. There's been very little time for photo taking, you probably noticed by the lack of posts this week... that and I keep running out of time to write posts... there is so much inspiration in blog-land right now... I am getting lost clicking from here to there and the clock whooooshes the time away, how very selfish of me isn't it... don't answer that! My 'I want to make that' list is getting oh soooooo long... 
We've had delivery after delivery of fabric... and you know we ran out of shelf space months ago... I've spoken with The Wonderful Wood Guy... more trolleys will be produced and delivered to help out... but heaven knowns where I will put them! Pictured are just a few of the new Art Gallery fabrics that came in, there are a few others mixed in as this is the result of a fun project selection session.
 We have workshops booked for the next few Saturdays and there are many projects coming to the sandwich point so, Wednesday has temporarily become a sandwich day... This one is a commission that Christabelle is working on... it's huge!

Sheila came to the Foldy Fun workshop with Jenny Barlaston on Saturday... Look at this paper carrier bag she used for her bits and bobs... it's from John Lewis... almost makes me want to go purchase something... just for the bag!! But no, I shall have to be happy to add it to my 'I want to make that' list... it's just a few triangles after all!

So, chit-chat time is done... I have a shop with a fully booked classroom to open up... I'd better get going!
The 10% discount off Christmas Themed fabrics is going to have to continue in my very own shop for the time being... I need those shelves for other gorgeous fabrics... lick-e-tty split!!! ha ha

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Stitching News

This is Fran's Hexagon sandwich... we're loving this design. It looks really complicated giving it the Wow factor but... in truth it's just a fabulous Moda Jelly Roll, sewn into strip sets of three fabrics... chopped up again into equilateral triangles and sewn back together... how hard can that be? ha ha ha
Rose is on the home straight with her beautiful Red and Cream fundraiser quilt... she's trimming the crusts from her quilted sandwich in the picture. Binding has been sorted and a tooting session is planned for the very near future.
Gail announced that she has thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt top. She loves the bugs and had a lot of fun stitching them... but she doesn't want to keep the quilt... she's decided to finish it then to decide what to do with it.
Once again Princess Jackie has us standing, open mouthed as we watch her make this delightful sandwich... she's so good at choosing perfect colours and fabrics for her fun quilts. It's a Kid's Quilts pattern with a Jackie twist! Wait 'til you see the back!
New Sue finished her Dresden Plate gifting cushion. She used 4 1/2" strips for her blades which makes a 12" plate, perfect as Sue wanted to use a 16" cushion. I do believe we should be toot toot tooting... it's a fabulous finish!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Stitching News

Monday Sheila's fabulous and finished quilt
This beautiful quilt was made from a Moda Layer Cake, with the addition of the name strip and the borders of course. Sheila made it to be gifted to a little girl who is not too well, in hopes that it cheers her up a little, I bet it works a treat
PM Pam is making great progress with her Hugs And Kisses blocks they are all getting border strips added. Pam's using lots of different blue and green fabrics which are going to add to the fabulous-ness of the finished quilt!!
Lady Judith is having fun... this beautiful little wall hanging from the Art to Heart book Winsome Baby is for her latest Great Grand Daughter... she has a lot!
How lovely it is to make little cute projects!
Christabelle perfected her little gifting idea of making fabric storage baskets... they can be folded flat making them great for travelling with, dressing table tidy?
They could be used for bread rolls too? I believe she's going to make lots more.
and on the subject of storage containers... what about these?...
Jenny has booked to do a workshop for them... each one will fit inside the next,
Stackable Storage... what would you put in yours?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Just saying.... And Linking

72 Days
I don't want you to think I am nagging... you can probably feel the time slipping by all by your very own self but... that number is sooooo much smaller than last time I reminded you about sewing prevention season approaching. 

My Lovely Patchwork And Quilting Shop has loads of Christmas Themed fabric and I've extended my very helpful sale!!! 10% discount off all of my festive fabrics... There are loads to choose from, you will see that when you pop in.

We have a few great workshops coming up for these dreadfully winter-y days

Foldy Fun for Christmas ... origami style fabric fun... an extremely relaxing workshop with our Jenny Barlston...lovely results... there's also an option to make a few extra foldy things to make a lovely little wreath should you prefer.
Here's a link or two to past workshops

The Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope workshop has been a great one in the past and many amazing and stunning quilts have been made as a result. Here are a few links to excite your taste buds...

Take a peek at the remaining 2014 Workshops here
The list for 2015 is growing too, you can see that here

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Booty-ful Bear Workshop

It looks like the Booty-ful Bear workshop was another great success. Photographs are compliments of the lovely Jean Bean who was in charge of my most wonderful shop and classroom whilst I spent a day at the spa... well, not exactly a spa... actually it was the Staffordshire Patchworkers and Quilters Soup and Sew day... what a fun Saturday for everyone!!