Thursday, 17 April 2014

Stitching News?

I don't have any news... not with photos anyway. We have been having too busy a time in my lovely classroom... I don't even pick my camera up just lately, let alone take pictures. Then there's the delivery folk dropping off box after box of fun, which has to be priced up and found a space... what a job that is when your shelves are already bursting!! Thread, thread and more thread, glorious thread... fully stocked up displays are waiting for you!
Chris The Foot did pop into my lovely shop to purchase backing and wadding for this fabulous kiddie play mat quilt, she wanted to make a sandwich at Caverswall...

Luckily, over at Caverswall Village Hall, Beth has been more reliable and taken some fabulous photos to share with you
Click on THIS LINK to be taken to the new Caverswall Quilters blog. They're doing very nicely without me!
I, on the other hand, am having a bit of a battle with the blooming Angel sashes for the upcoming Uttoxeter quilt show... next time I want to volunteer my services... hold me down!!!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Time For Change

I started Caverswall Quilt Cave at the end of May in 2010 The first meeting was very successful and the days got busier, see this post about about only our third meeting. It was more of a class in those days with lots of ladies coming to learn all the basics every week.
These days at Caverswall Village Hall, our Quilt Cave, there can be anything form 8 to 18 ladies on Wednesday, all with machines stitching the day away and enjoying a very social time. There's no longer need for a teacher as such, they are all quite competent... The ladies can, and do, all help each other with anything a little tricky or new.
I decided that working for 6 days every week is a bit too much for me now, what with all the other things that life is throwing my way, so... after much pondering, I had to stop going to Caverswall Quilt Cave. The ladies have decided to carry on meeting every week... which is fabulous!
I asked them to start a blog, keeping all the quilty news and project progress available for you all to see, and for me of course, I shall pop over every week to see the fabulous pictures.
Here's the link to the blog, please pop over and take a look, the first post is great and I'm sure there will be many more.
It's a new beginning, lets watch the fun!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Stitching News

Jeanette hand pieces... beautifully and rather quickly!
 You might well think that she made this quilt from her stash at home... but no, each time she comes to play in my very own quilt shop she picks up a few "Quilters Quarters" I never thought to call them that... so her collection continues to grow... 
This is the back of Jeanette's quilt... though for ease and speed she did bring her sewing machine to piece these large squares. A sandwich was made and the hand quilting began... you can just see the stitches in the centre pink fabric.

Jeannette, they are spelt differently as it's another lady... she's rather hooked on the Feathered Stars. POW and WOW... There will be three of them used to make the centre of a rather stunning bed quilt. Jeannette is considering apartment quilting this one.

Michelle My Belle had a tricky start to putting her blocks together... just two of her 40 odd strips had been cut a quarter inch too big... which two did she pick up to start with? On top of that the naughty pattern had an incorrect size for the HST (Half Square Triangle) unit. It took a while but we figured it out eventually, then all these blocks were made... licketty-split and beautifully accurately!

Josie purchased a new pattern from the craft show at the NEC recently... she wanted to make her little dog look like a Jack Russell. She has a lot of appliqué stitching to do for homework, and tracing all those little rustic looking hearts will keep her busy too.
This is another project made by the hands of Jeanette...
What a clever lady!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Feathered Star Progress

Princess Jackie finished piecing her fabulous Feathered Star. The template Dawn gave to use for fussy cutting the centre hexagon was actually a little too small so, those that used it, had to improvise. Jackie added a tiny little border to her hexagon and it looks great.

Rose must like making teeny weeny little half square triangles... look what she's made for her border! Jean Bean calculated that she needs about ten more to be able to get all round the star... looking fabulous eh!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Stitching News

Christabelle put the finishing touches to her Feathered Star...
What a stunning little project...
I wonder... have you noticed the fussy cut owl eyes on the tips of the star?
PM Pam arrived with bag of left over bits from her Lone Star and wanted to make a few blocks to add to the backing, so we played all day doing ...
"What if we join this? Lets try joining that' sewing... much fun.
We had a new lady join us. She had cut out lots of squares and wanted to be shown how to proceed... we can do that! It's quite a tricky block to learn all the skills with but it's the one she wanted to make...
so she stuck at it and went home happy.

I need to draw your attention to our upcoming Easter break changes...
The shop will now be closed from Monday 21st April until it re-opens on Monday 28th April.
It was getting awfully complicated to staff the shop with us all wanting to go the Uttoxeter Quilt Show, he he he!
If you have a fabric emergency during that week, just call me or email me... If I can help, I will.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Saturday's Workshop

Quilt-As-you-Go, Apartment Joining and Double Sided Binding... my longest titled workshop so far! ha. Joining wadding, rotary cutter servicing, mat cleaning, layout options and other 'apartment joining' methods were all included too! A workshop packed full of information and fun, fun, fun to boot.