Monday, 3 August 2015

Festival Of Quilts 2015

We have seats available on our coach for the annual pilgrimage to the FESTIVAL OF QUILTS at the NEC in Birmingham.

Sunday 9th August
Picking up and returning to...
Copeland's Depot in Meir, Stoke On Trent 
Cheadle... Main Car Park
Tean... High Street 
Uttoxeter... Bus Station

Tickets are £23.00 and that includes entrance to the quilt show... an absolute bargain, supported by my very own, Patchwork And Quilting shop!!!

If you only want an entrance ticket, they are still available. £12 each.

For further details call me 07807530441 
email me at 
Pop in to my shop and visit for a while!!

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Stitching News

Gail has a fabulous and finished project, toot toot toot time.
Although Gail found this to be a little tricky... because of the little arms and cuff details having to line up for the Santas to be touching his friends... she's already made a second table topper, even more blingy than this one!
New Sue made "What Colour Is An Elephant" quilt pattern by Jen Kingwell. The top is done, as you can see, and Sue used a muted palette with grey as the theme... Sue went 'off piste' a bit adding her own details here and there...
Hooray for PMS (Pleasing My Self)
Giggly Gillian has all four quarters of her gifting quilt ready to be joined appartment-ly together, Here Jean is doing the mathemisms to figure out how much more fabric Gillian needs. 1 3/4" strips for the top and 1 1/8" strips for the back... so not much really

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Bendy Bags Plus!

 No, I haven't made three Bendy bags, not yet anyway! ha ha ha
It's just three pictures from three different angles.
I'm still  finding that I get enormous pleasure in making them... even after all that I have made previously.
There's a large triangle of wadded fabric left over from making each Bendy Bag.... it's the bit you cut away to make the "Bend"
I have made small purses with them. Coin purses.
Coasters... and now...
Look look look
I used the triangle as a template for doing Quilt-As-You-Go Bendy Bags!! It's a bit silly really because when I did the 'Bendy Bit' I still had the triangle left... all over again, ha ha ha
Maybe I should call it the never ending triangle Bendy Bag?
I am very please with my 'zip putting in' skills now so I might venture into something a little more challenging.
Doesn't this lovely.. and made from spare strips, Bendy Bag look very comfortable and cute next to the great Juki Beast.... All of Juki's feet will be kept in the QAUG Bendy Bag... but first I will take it to my very own shop tomorrow so every one can see how very happy I am with it!!!

Stitching News

Annbacan has her snow in place... it's always tricky stitching with white fabric as the colours underneath show through it... not for Ann, she backed her snow with Thermolam.. very white and rather fluffy... time to embellish those trees now. 
Just Jan has started to join her block into rows.
Classic blues and white is always a winner. I think Jan was wiggling that iron, with some speed... see how it's blurred! ha ha ha
All Day Di came to class for a rest! She's been moving her whole world to a new home... with a sewing room!!! It's been a long process but, I think you will agree... we will put up with a lot to have a 'very own' sewing room!!
Di started working on her Uncle Joe's Quiet book.
PM Pam started quilting her 3D quilt. It's having simple lines stitched following the patchwork design... they will hold everything in place very well and technically, it's just enough... then, after Pam trims and binds the quilt, she can start to add more quilting if she still wants to.
Just Edna made a huge, round sandwich with this play mat then spent the day quilting it... she had planned to work on her large Hexagon quilt but had forgotten to take it to class... she's not the first lady to forget her project!
Lady Judith has all of her blocks made now, she's done a lot of homework! Joining them into rows, Judith's being careful to follow the pattern as alternate rows are a little different... so far, all is good.
And right now we need a toot toot toot fanfare for a fabulous and finished cushion made by Steph, a beginner who, I have to say, has already joined us on the 'dark side', he he he... she has another cushion and two lovely lap quilts almost finished... already!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Stitching News

What a fabulous picture!!!
PM Pam came to make sandwiches on Saturday
This bright and beautiful Hexagon sandwich will be hand quilted in the fabulous Big Stitch style. Oh my goodness... what fun it was choosing the thread!!
I love this picture!
PM Pam also sandwiched this 3D quilt. The pattern was in Love Patchwork And Quilting magazine recently. It's Pam's retreat quilt... this one will be machine quilted with a YLI variegated thread.
This is turning out to be a PM Pam Post!!! ha ha ha
Pam has a friend who's husband uses a wheelchair. It can be tricky pushing a wheelchair and holding on to your handbag so, Pam invented a wheelchair friendly Handbag-Bag! What a great idea...
Marilla came to show us her almost finished and totally fabulous, Stargazy Daisiez quilt, it was professionally, long-arm quilted. Marilla needed to choose the binding and, you know what??? I had the perfect fabric so Marilla went home happy.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Stitching News... Bumper Edition!

New Sue very proudly held up her quilt top with a yelp of excitement about it being finished. For Sue this is a very liberated project... the colours are not her usual bag and there were mathemisms to do... It's looking amazing, don't you think? The pattern is Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Jen Kingwell, and they'll be back in stock very soon!
Rose grabbed the opportunity to make a sandwich with her latest finished top... What Colour Is An Elephant, also a Jen Kingwell pattern and, once again.. back in stock very soon... this is a lovely and simple to do pattern
Early Arty Sue is on the final straight with her quilting. The design is very sweet with loops and hearts and Sue is doing them quite close together... she was surprised at how much thread she's needed.
Princess Jackie is adding the embellishment detail to her Santa quilt. She's really enjoyed making the Log Cabin blocks... they are very small with logs finishing at 1/2" ... this is one lovely book that, unfortunately, is now out of print... it is still find-abubble though!
This is also Princess Jackie's project... remember she's our first prize winning quilter!! She loves to stitch applique... now designing her own it seems... just look at those beautiful borders and corner stones... this has also been sandwiched.
Jean Bean continues to make the lovely houses in readiness to take for the Linus Charity stand at the Festival Of Quilts, only two weeks away now... We're trying to encourage Jean to produce patterns for her house blocks.. don't tell her that I told you though eh!!
New Sue finished her Kaleidoscope blocks, more yelps of joy were heard!!! ha ha ha well, not actually finished but all to this point. There's half square triangles to be added to the corners yet, but the mathemisms are done so it should be easy enough.
Time for a toot toot toot fanfare for Rose's fabulous and finished, quite large, Nautical cushion... With a zip concealed in the back. Such lovely colours and fabric choices...
Well done Rose we love this cushion! Don't we?
PM Pam also needs a toot toot toot fanfare for her fabulous and finished cushion. It's another huge one, Pam made it with the left overs fabrics and the pattern is from the Quilt Lovely book...Pam's booked to make two sandwiches this weekend so I will snap a piccy of the quilt for you then. 
Tadaaaaah I need a toot toot toot fanfare because I have a fabulous and finished cushion!!! I love this project... there are mistakes because it was a prototype/tester project for a customer. I couldn't tell her any top tips having never made it but BOY am I better informed now... the top tips are ready!!
Here's the back with a concealed zip... ie.. you can't see it!
using little strip scraps I made it look wonderful...
even though I do say so for my very own self!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

What A Good Sport...

Helpful Hubby Dave has been trucking around Africa for JCB for the best part of 4 weeks... Home now and today he was back to The Office. He had so many heavy papers and so much other stuff, including a packed lunch, to carry that he needed 3 carrier bags to get it all mobile... Aha... I suggested a better option, bless him, he thinks he's taken a brown tote bag to work... he is colour blind!!!  Looks like Molly is wondering what on earth he's thinking taking Mummy's brightly coloured patchwork tote to work, ha ha ha

Monday, 20 July 2015

My Mum Gwynneth Can Free Motion!

This is what My Mum Gwynneth worked on during our recent retreat. She had prepared all of the fabrics and most of the background before we went so it was mostly the applique she was doing. She enjoys doing the blanket stitch... she was OK with the raw edge stitching with straight stitch
But, after sandwiching it when we got back... panic set in, ok, well... maybe not panic exactly but... the veins on the leaves were a bit wiggly and she wanted them just like the picture in the book so... on went the darning foot and away she went!! Didn't she do a great job!!! They do look just like the ones in the book!!
She continued and will continue to free motion embellish/quilt her leaves and, after seeing it here, she will see how good it really looks, maybe she will say I CAN DO IT.. and we might see more beautiful floral wall hangings?... lots of ends need to be tied and threaded through... but that's no problem when you can free motion embellish and quilt, is it Mum? See... You Can Do It!!!