Thursday, 21 May 2015

Quilty Quarters

 I spent more quality hours in my Quilty Quarters yesterday. The large family of Flying Geese makes the border on this quilt. I'm a big fan of thin inner borders, I think they are almost essential but this time they wouldn't work with the mathemisms... Everything on this quilt top is two inches, even the four inches! ha ha ha... so adding a half inch border would have thrown out the pattern... I tried two inch wide inner border strips... yuk!...didn't like it, no matter what colour I experimented with. This quilt top will not be for everyone, the fabrics are 'different' the colour choices are 'different' too... Yellow, brown, pink and turquoise?
It doesn't matter... I love it! ha
Now then... I'll be honest, I don't love the back... I made the Scrappy Trip Around The World blocks quite a long time ago and put then in a neat pile in a cupboard not knowing what I wanted to do with them. Whilst rooooting through my stash yesterday for a good fabric for the back of my 'Different' quilt, I found them again. I still didn't love them and that meant they had to either be the backing of a quilt or go back in the cupboard... the rest is history now... here's the decision!...There's a sandwich making saturday in my very own quilt shop this weekend... and there's a time slot or two not booked for using my tables... so, I will get this quilt sandwiched and ready for my long weekend of stitching. yeeeeha!

I hope you have remembered that there's a Bank Holiday on Monday and that my lovely little yet very well stocked, quilt shop will be closed for one luxurious extra day.
Saturday 23 open as usual
Monday 25 closed
Tuesday 26 closed
Wednesday 27 closed... but then we are always closed on Wednesdays!
Thursday 28 back to normal...
I love long Bank Holiday weekends...
What will you do with yours?

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Stitching News With Tooting

Let's give a very loud toot toot toot fanfare for Gail's fabulous and finished Bento Box quilt. Quilted skillfully on her very own domestic sewing machine... which happens to be a Juki HZL f600... It's a huge quilt and is now ready for a special label to be added before it will be gifted.
Another blast on the tooting trumpet, this time for Christabelle with her fabulous and finished, extremely pink and perfect, kiddy quilt... toot toot toot Chris, and wow I love your Prairie Points! This quilt will be gifted very soon.
Fruity Rose wanted to use spring like colours for her Twister Heart cushion.... don't you love it when a plan comes together!! Rose says this is exactly the way she planned it to look. Toot toot toot Rose... love it!
This is the back of Rose's cushion... We're no going to start tooting for zips just yet... I wanted to show you that the covered zip backings are so easy to do that almost every cushion made in my very own classroom has one!
Brenda Barbara took full advantage of having spare tables nearby to add borders to her very wonderful quilt top. It's quite a big quilt made with lovely, large, 14 inch, blocks... I feel a sandwich session is imminent.
Barbara Bew started a new project. Armed with a piece of her curtain  fabric to co-ordinate with , she chose the fabrics for a Quick Table Topper... but we changed it a bit... there will be an Ohio Star in the centre and the runner will be wider and longer... 
hmmm, actually we changed it quite a lot! ha ha ha

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Crumbs & Mile-A-Minute Workshop

Such a fun, relaxing and very productive day, as always!!

I Have Project Envy!

Last week I received my shipment of Jen Kingwell patterns and books... I have a pitty-patting heart for these patterns, I love them!! As, it seems, do some of my customers... order number two is ready to be sent off! These lovely little blocks belong to New Sue... she couldn't wait to get started. Jen's patterns are perfect for scraps and oddments of fabric, in a recent interview, Jen says she is a scrappy quilter. If you don't have many scarps, a great idea is to purchase a Layer Cake or equivalent... that would give you 40 or so different fabrics to start with... That's exactly what Sue did, tempted by my Layer Cake clearance sale... oh man, now I have project envy!!! I don't have time to get started on my Jen Kingwell quilt... 
My first pattern choice is the Gypsy Wife ... Oh my... pitty patty-pitty-patty, can you hear it?? 
If you think that your scraps are too tiny for a specific design or pattern, there's always a Crumb Quilt, then there's the Mile-A-Minute quilt, quilts from Strings.... fun can be had with scraps and today, 8 lovely ladies will see it for their very own selves!!... rest assured there will be pictures for you!!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Stitching News

Lady Judith's latest quilt top is almost ready... She's going to personalise it by adding an applique name across the wider bit near the top, Like All Day Di did on hers... isn't it great to inspire others?... there's always a little inspiration in my classroom!
Just Jan spent her afternoon quilting her pretty, cottage-y quilt with her walking foot. Following the patchwork design was tricky though, deciding which way to go next at almost every junction? Jan decided that it will be easier to use a large tacking stitch to map out the route... so that was going to be done, at home.
Annbacan has a bumper commission project... yup, both meanings of 'a bumper'! A cot bumper, a quilted rocking chair cushion, rocking chair quilt and pocketed back, a quilted moses basket set and and and, the list goes on... this little quilt is almost done... tick number one on the list!
Princess Jackie had purchased this Jelly Roll a long time ago and decided to get it used... another lovely customer inspired by my very own and rather fabulous-o Strippy Hexagon quilt... Jackie is going to quilt hers with Big Stitch Quilting too... my new Perle Cotton selection is fabulous for that job

Giggly Gillian says that she really enjoys making the little Twister Heart quilts. She's making gifting cushions with them, with zipped backs of course... one cushion is for her sister and the other one will be gifted to her very own self!
I like her style, he he he

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

I Finished It

So, I confess to having had a good couple of hours in my marvelous Quilty Quarters this afternoon!
I had the Moda sales guy to meet with earlier this morning (ordered quite a lot for September delivery!) and a shop to clean and tidy... it was messy as I had left it in a hurry yesterday at closing time... I couldn't wait to get home to finish making star blocks!!! ha ha ha.. Here's the centre finished, it's not a huge quilt but it has been very satisfying to make and I still love those fabrics!!! Art Gallery you know.... did I mention that already?

Fanfares Please...

Lady Judith is first up for a fabulous and finished fanfare
Toot toot toot Judith
What a lovely Lone Star Batik beauty quilt you made...
for gifting!!
PM Pam announce that she might me suffering from Mug Rug-itis...
what a fun ailment to be afflicted by... no chicken soup needed here...
 the worst Mug Rug-itis gets the better you'll feel!!
Toot toot toot Pam fabulous finishes!
Another fabulous and finished fanfare for PM Pam...
this festive Dresden Plate cushion has been 'almost finished' for a while...
 it only needed the border quilted and the back making...
It's done now though so...Toot toot toot!
 Princess Jackie finished her fabulous little Pram Quilt...  toot toot toot
It's fun to make small projects that give instant satisfaction in between those more tricky stitchings... like prize winning applique wall hangings!!
See it on the wall there with it's first place rosette!!!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Quilty Quarters

What a treat... nothing like an extra early start? Thank you Molly!! After finishing off all the important stuff, like household chores, shop bookwork, ordering more Art Gallery fabric, threads and supplies... I spent the rest of Sunday in my Quilty Quarters... and I had a plan!
This pattern, called Retro Satrs had been decided and printed off last weekend... the 'How to piece it better with less wasted fabric' had been worked out on Monday, can see my scribblings in pencil? The fabric choices had been made last Tuesday in a lovely little quilt shop I know, tee hee... so there was no need to spend time rooooting in my significant stash and messing it up more than it already is...
 I got straight down to the cutting and stitching... I wanted to make test blocks... as I had changed the cutting and piecing plan significantly from the pattern instruction it was best to check my mathemisms... as you can see, and in my very own opinion, everything works perfectly and the Art Gallery fabrics I chose for the blocks look fabulous... I LOVE Love Love it... but, rewinding a tad... before I allowed the real fun to start, the was something needing attention...
I spent a little time quilting the borders on this bonus quilt. So it's made number two on my "This needs binding, I will do it later" list!
I hope you had a great weekend with some luxurious stitching time?

There's another long Bank Holiday break coming up. My shop will be closed on Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th opening as normal on Thursday 28th. Adding Sunday 24th to the list, that will be four days for possible stitching up a storm... fingers crossed, that will be my plan!