Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Festival Of Quilts 2017

Finally, I have had time to look at the pictures I took during our pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts. I don't really take too many photos because I want to enjoy being there and really look at the wonderful things with my very own eyes. I find if the camera takes the front seat I miss too much detail. I might not remember everything I see, but the moment was wonderful at the time... and I remember that I saw wonderful things... that's enough to get me back there every year!
So, here are some I did want to remember so the camera came out of my bag...

Not a quilt but information I want to follow up on.
The coach is already booked for next year!! yeeeeeha!

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Stitching News

This will be a bit brief because it's Festival Of Quilts, Pilgrimage day!!! 
The coach will be picking us up at 9am (with a few ladies already on it as they got on at the coach's source in The Meir!! 

The first sandwich of the day was my very own, it's a shop sample. I made this quilt to show all the fabrics that are included in our new 6" square packs. 6 x 7 block setting will make a very good sized lap quilt/ sofa throw with the addition of a 1" cut inner border and 4 1/2" cut outer border. The quilt will need 1.30m WOF length for the backing. I only have 3 packs of this colour way left already (I will cut more though) as customers were ordering them as I was cutting the squares. I've also got 6" square packs in blues and creamy lovelies, well I will have on Monday as I didn't quite get them finished yesterday...  because I had to look after customers... hoooray!

Margo will hand quilt her huge sampler quilt.

Norma will machine quilt her beautiful Batik, Hidden Wells 

Sporty Sue needed one more fabric strip of fabric for her inner border treatment and we got to see how it's coming along... Thank you Mr. Knott for being so helpful!

Just Edna has started to join her melons... the first few were tricky but Edna soon 'Got It' and each one took a little less time, and more pins! We are all watching Edna's process...

Alison popped in to show us her two Handy Tote bags. She attended Sue's workshop a couple of weeks ago and is so please that she's going for a third Tote! Toot toot toot Alison, fabulous and finished times two!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Last Minute Treat??

Have you been pondering whether or not to go to the this year?

Fortunately, I have 3 show entrance tickets available for the Festival Of Quilts.
They are £12.00 and each is good for any day.

Need transport to get there on Sunday 13th?
I have seats on our coach too for £15.00... good when parking is £12.00 per car!

Want to go with us on Sunday 13th?
You could come on our coach and include an entrance ticket ... £25.00 per person.
Email Angie 
Call Angie 07807530441...

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Stitching News

All Day Di had a few tricky junctions joining the first two rows of HST's
(Half Square Triangles) and had to a bit of fudging... Then, much to her disbelief, all of the other rows were perfect and needed no fudgery at all...
She was amazed! It's looking lovely Di.
Fiona Too stiched her last two beautiful Batik borders in place then spied the empty table... a perfect opportunity to get her sandwich made ready for the quilting. The beauty of a small project is that sandwiches are easy on space and quick to pin.

Luna Lena 'invented' this little Gym Bag with matching wallet for pennies... It's going to be gifted. The main reason she made the project was to play with her fancy, decorative stitches and the  alphabets and numerous fonts... Toot toot toot Lena, a fabulous finish.

Sporty Sue arrived with all four quarters of her Trip Around The World quilt stitched together with the addition of a single row of squares to tie the 'Trips' to the world! ha ha ha. The border will be needing a few more trips and we had to figure out which way to go... It was easy, and obvious, once we got started.

AnnBacan came to make this fabulous sandwich... as did quite a few others but I forgot to take pictures because none of the fabrics were from my shop!!! ha ha ha This is only the centre of a huge quilt Ann is making. It will be quilted as is and the borders will be added later. Don't worry, we know what we are doing! 

2 More Beginners... Hooked!

Our next beginners basics workshop will be on Saturday 2nd September.