Friday, 21 April 2017

Sandwich Saturday, On A Thursday?

Yes... One of the great things about having my very own shop is that I can please my very own self what I do... As there wasn't a class on Thursday and PM Pam needed to make a quilt sandwich I decided to have a Sandwich Saturday to help Pam... she made two quilt sandwiches and eventually went home with plenty to be stitching... Do I offer wonderful customer service? Oh yes indeedy.
The trouble came when lots of other customers thought it was a Manic Monday (and my goodness do we have some Manic Mondays!) and they all came shopping on the very same day!... It's my very own fault for saying, out loud " Oh we won't be busy Pam... come on over and we'll make your sandwiches" ha!! but all was good in the end...
Here are the two quilt sandwiches Pam made... very different, in fact, from one extreme to the other in the colour department.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Quilty Quarters

So that was it... the 'long holiday weekend' is over and today my lovely, inspiring and very well stocked Patchwork And Quilting shop is open as normal... well... when I say normal... there are no classes, like a half term school break!
Oh yes, there have been complaints, folk don't like missing their weekly fix of fun... but I've grown a tough skin over the years of Bank Holidays.
I have rather indulged myself with a few uninterrupted, long days in Quilt Quarters... What really started off as a very small project to use up a few triangles, and I do mean small as I had ideas of a large floor cushion, has turned into this! 

The original blocks, all 12 of them 12" finished... already way beyond the possible cushion size, were making a rather small quilt, 36" x 48"... I might have mentioned the possibility of maybe sashing the blocks in an earlier post? 
I did sash them, with the remaining, left over Tri-Recs triangle units and more that I cut to finish the job... which, by the way, created even more scraps for that half full drawer! 
The sashing bits created a secondary pattern... I love a secondary pattern.. especially when it just 'happens', so...
I thought about it and decided I probably needed to choose a light-ish neutral for the background then there would be pale stars too... that would be great... Grey-ish neutrals or beige-y cream-y??? hmmmmm...
I rooted and rummaged (and unearthed a spider or two... agggggrrrr! They are in the garden now!) 
Hot pink and orange and bright yellow and blue? Boom!!!... All from my Alison Glass selection ... They are my neutrals ... HA HA HA Oh my goodness do I ever love this project now!!!
When it's finished and needing a label, I will have to call it something to do with My Molly, bless her... Molly's Magic maybe... I probably wouldn't have started this if she was still with us... I'll ponder that one.
Right... deliveries are coming today so I better crack on, take this holiday hat off and get back to work... That would be choosing fabrics and cutting them up for lovely projects... did I say work?

Monday, 17 April 2017

Quilty Quarters

Another productive day in Quilty Quarters yesterday, at least I thought it was until I went in there this morning to review it... I thought I had done so much more! But I did have a lovely day consumed in cutting up colour and fabric choosing... very good for ones peace of mind me thinks...

I was wanting to make a quick! Small! project just to use up project leftovers.
I have 12 x 12" blocks ready to sew and Still have these blooming triangles left... and more out of the picture.

I had culled the scrap bucket down to a minimum... I did that on day one... but now it is half full again... not half empty... HALF FULL! how can that be called progress? and most of all... do I care? No... there's a Crumbs and Mile-A-Minute workshop coming up in June at my lovely shop... I will take the scraps there to be used up... a fabulous and cunning plan. 

So, all the elements for 12 blocks are cut out and ready to be sewn into units then stitched together but... I might add some other elements in between the blocks as it will only measure 36 inches wide and 48 inches long if I don't... more planning, more thinking, more fun!!! More fabric choosing, more cutting... more scraps!!!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Quilty Quarters

I love a long Bank Holiday weekend, don't you?
My very own, very well stocked and quite inspiring, quilt shop is closed to give me chance to rest and do things... like sewing!!! ha ha ha
After a very early start to the first day, yesterday, I  cracked on and had a short burst of energy in the domestic 'must be done' department followed by... well, actually...
I went to get ready to go to my very own shop to do a bit more of the dreaded stock taking. but, a quite incidental, sideways glance into Quilty Quarters occurred and I suddenly thought... "Sod it I'm going in!", forgive the language, but honesty happens!
So... I did, I went in.
The magnetic power sucked my 'should be doing' and turned it into 'want to do!!'
Lots of things had been 'dumped' on the floor and on every surface for one reason and another... Most of all the Uttoxeter Quilt Show... There was all the frantic finishing of quilts, adding hanging sleeves and the sorting of labels... I didn't tidy as I worked... there was no time, or desire, to do that.
Then there was the Crumbs and Mile A Minute demo. booth stuff piled... and the SPQ stand stuff and quilts to give to the people from the stand display... anyway eventually I put all the 'stuff' in the right/a good/better place... and vacuumed!! and dusted!! It looked fabulous...
All that done I tackled the mending pile... some things had been on that pile for more than 3 years!!! I set to and mended everything, well almost... 2 jobs involved buttons so they are still there, ha! Next up was the quilt finishing pile...
This quilt just needed the binding sewing on so I did that, it needed Faux Piped Binding so it took a little while but I was watching/listening to The Quilt Show at the very same time, I love watching the older programmes... so much has changed in the quilting world! This little quilt is made mostly from left overs of other projects... made just to show that lot's of our left overs can make fun quilts. The frog fabric was trimmings from a quilt backing. The bright green is left from me making a Beatrice Pinafore. The borders are left over fabrics, carefully saved, as I do. The orange fabric is some faulty fabric that lots of us purchased ages ago. The fish fabric is also left over bits.. I had fussy cut the fabric for a quilt I made, which left the little bits.
Toot toot toot for a small but fabulous and finished quilt... 

I made this little quilt a while ago to show what you could do with an uneven striped fabric. Which turned into a workshop for the Hidden Wells projects that are ongoing in my shop... there's also one ongoing in quilty quarters. So, yesterday I finished sewing the binding on this quilt...not a big job, 20 minutes and it was done, so that's another... small but fabulous and finished quilt ... toot toot toot.
I made this rather dramatic quilt in June 2009, it has a label telling me so.
It was the very last quilt I made living in Portugal and I was extremely unhappy when I made it, I didn't want to leave Portugal. Anyway... enough of my whining, it's called "Sunshine On A Rainy Day, Time to leave Portugal" I've been in England for almost 8 years now, I am finally over that sadness, I lie to you.
Yesterday, I stitched on a hanging sleeve and hung it up!
Only 8 years after completion... ha ha ha

After all that quilt finishing, I remained in Quilty Quarters.
I sorted out the overflowing scrap bucket...basically just put it all back into the big bottom draw sticking out there. On the cutting table there was another basket with even more of the fabric strips left over from doing the Jan Hassard workshop. I have already made 4 further quilts using the strips by cutting them up with my 60 degree Triangle ruler... I had cut way too many... so, I laid out my Clover design floor! I no longer have our Molly to worry about
 so I can do that (sad, but true) and embarked on 60 degree triangle quilt number 5... I laid it all out and thought...
"Yes, that's OK... but I don't want to make another 60 degree quilt!"
What to do... I eventually found inspiration or something and got out my Tri Recs rulers... I trimmed all 60 degree triangles and the rest of the strip sets to the big Tri template and then some other scraps of possible background-ish fabric to the little Recs ruler... then, I decided that I liked doing that so I emptied out the scrap bucket/drawer again and started to cut other fabric scraps with the Tri Recs... Oh the creativity flowed... but then... where did all the time go? When I looked up it was dark, I was hungry and thirsty and it was Pajardie time...
This picture was taken this morning... this is how I left Quilty Quarters after my 'stocktaking, not! day' I'm going in there again now!!! woooohoooo

Friday, 14 April 2017

Stitching News

Princess Jackie made this adorable Easter Bunnies wall hanging ... Click here to get the free pattern It's perfect for the upcoming Bank Holiday long weekend. ... Toot toot toot Jackie, fabulous and finished with a lovely wire and dowel hanging doodad to finish it off perfectly. 
New Sue started another block on her latest applique project...
I forget which flowers these are but Sue had expert fabric and colour choosing help and advice from our resident (she comes a lot) botanist, Jean Bean.

Gail suggested that you might well be fed up of seeing her blocks... I assured her that showing a true timeline of progress will be comforting to many of you! This is a huge project with many blocks so it's bound to take a while... especially when you move home twice during the process!

Rose thought this picture would look messy and scrunched up... She was quite correct... it's a work of art in progress and this unstaged photograph will look very familiar to many of you... love it or loath it... the quilting has to be done.

And to finish for today, a toot toot toot fanfare is required for new Sue's fabulous and finished quilt... it's a large one so Sue decided to do simple quilting... especially as the recipient was waiting to be wrapped up in it!
It's been a very busy time in my world but now things might start to calm down a tad. The quilting and stitching show at Uttoxeter is all done and dusted until next year... though planning is already a fun subject in classes... so many promises of quilt entries for 2018.
It's very early on Good Friday as I write this and we are starting a long holiday weekend. Today is Friday Quilt Club, as usual and my shop is open as normal.
Tomorrow, Saturday 16th April, my shop is closed until Thursday 20th... but you can take a virtual tour of my wonderful little shop... I hope you noticed the new feature!! I would love to know what you think... I think it is such a clever thing... to walk around my shop and classroom from your very own home!
My plans for the Easter break? well, Once the dreaded stock taking has been done, I have a plan to stitch... If that happens I will probably post pictures for you... there's a lot of fabric and stuff to count though... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7... 1 2 3 4 5... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7...1 2 3... 1 2 3 4