Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Stitching News

Let's start off with a fabulous and finished quilt.... Princess Jackie made this beauty to be gifted to a little one... look at the brilliant binding!!! Jackie's blaming me for all these kiddos, she says that once she learned how to make quilts everyone she knows had a baby or two so that they could have a special quilt made by a 1st prize winning artist!!! toot toot toot Jackie, it's another triumph!

Keep you trumpets up... Toot toot toot for New Sue's fabulous and finished Pineapple Blossom, quilted cushion... at 24" it's a scrumptious size for snuggling up with and co-ordinated perfectly with the Kaleidoscope quilt that's not quite finished, all will be gifted at the very same time.

Krafty Karen's 200 year old, blue and white, jelly roll sampler blocks are looking fabulous, even better than that... they are starting to look like a quilt top! Sashing and corner stones are pulling everything together so Karen is enthused to get it finished before another 100 years pass by! ha ha ha 

PM Pam arrived for her class last Tuesday and saw I had printed off this pattern.. She loved it, loved the colours used and decided to make it... I don't know what happened after that, Jean Bean helped Pam choose her fabrics... Boom!!! colours! Boom!!! Batiks!! nothing like the pattern really... Pam got this far in the one week... I Love IT!!!

Remember that pile of Batik Beauty strips our Jean Bean cut last week? This is her prototype block... the curved Log Cabin. We could have searched the world and found all the calculations already math-emetised... but no... we have done it the hard way, with inchy paper and tracing paper, coloured pens and pencils and an eraser... it's very satisfying indeed, this re-inventing of wheels!
While I am here I will just poke a small reminder that my shop will be closed on Saturday 27th August for the Bank Holiday, loooong weekend, all the way until it re-opens on Thursday 1st of September... which is an SPQ (Staffordshire Patchworkers and Quilters) meeting day/evening... I am to be the trader of the month so if you want me to take anything just for you, just let me know...

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

You Have To Laugh...

We shouldn't really laugh though.... It's a blooming pest of a thing for Susan, I was going to write "It's a bit of a bugger" but I thought better of it! Let me tell you about it...
This Book, one of many by Nancy Halvorsen, has some lovely ideas in it. There are several extremely quirky projects for chair covers... and we love them. Susan works in a primary school... though not as a teacher so it seemed to me to be a very lovely and kind idea that she had... to make a chair cover for the birthday kid!... especially when there are a few sets of twins in school so Susan knew at the outset that she would need to make two... to keep it fair when it was the twins' birthday. She made the chair backs and they were fabulous, bright and cheery and, as you can imagine, the kiddos, twins and all, love them. Yesterday Susan came to class armed with fabrics and The Book... telling us that the school had had a set of triplets enrolled to start school in September... ha ha ha.... she had to make another chair cover! What are the chances of that happening? We laughed, but Susan wasn't sure she wanted to.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Free Motion Quilting For Beginners, Workshop

And at the very same time... we made more I Spy Quilt packs!!

Bank Holiday Week...

Please take good note that there's a Bank Holiday coming up...
It's the very next weekend in fact...
On Saturday 27th August... 
My Quilt and Fabric Shop will technically be closed...
For you... to help YOU with your stitching... and because I offer great customer service.... I will be there for you... you will need to book appointments... email, call or message on Facebook and I will come running... there you go...
Like I said, great customer service!!!
 Shop will be closed for... 
Bank Holiday Monday 29th, 
 Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st 

 I hope to be stitching for 5 whole and entire days!!!
 Today is Free Motion for Beginners... pictures later...

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Stitching News

 This two block design has been a challenge for Carol... doesn't it look complicated... Oh, now wait a little minute... Is it a one block design with two different colourways? I will investigate and question her later... I'll get back to you on that one.
Wing It Rose, that's her motto... don't worry she says, "I'll Just Wing It"
Finished her fabulous quilt top. Have you ever put a Moda William Morris design, fussily cut too, with a modern Beautiful Batik? Who would have thought the two would play so well together... we cleared a few tables for Rosie to make a sandwich... there's a bit of a time constraint for gifting this one.
Now this is a work of art... believe me!
Our Jean Bean has gone off on a tangent... after visiting Festival of Quilts on Sunday... on our extremely well organised coach trip it has to be said, she got all inspired for her next project. Two full days of planning and plotting, scribbling and sketching, choosing and cutting (and attending to our lovely customers of course) has created this pile of Batik Beauties... exciting eh!

Thank You

I thought you, especially those who helped my Lilly by completing her survey recently, would like to know that she has done it. Her dissertation is in the bag... She's given her very own self a day or two away from writing... and my goodness has she done a lot of writing!!!
Then she will proof read it and maybe tweak an odd bit and then she will be able to call it done, for good. Wooohooo, go Lilly!!!!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Just Edna's Pineapple Blocks

Just Edna decided to make 4 cushions from her 16 x 9" Pineapple Blossom blocks... what a great idea! Each one has had a different border fabric stitched on, making them exactly the same... and a bit different to boot... each cushion also has a secret and hidden zip added to it's back that co-ordinates perfectly too, a triumph! We will be tooting these very soon, I am sure.

Oh My Goodness, The Talent!!! Let's Toot...

First up, a fabulous and finished quilt from our very own, first prize award winning, Princess Jackie. Toot toot toot and toot-etty-toot-pip!! Firstly... I can't believe how little time it is since I told you that Jackie had started this project... It is beautiful, cute and funny-quirky. It's a lovely pattern from here, and Jackie has done it proud. Oh... let's toot just again.... toot toot
This customer came last week with the 3 parts ready to make a sandwich and now.... It is Fabulous and finished and ready for us to give it one of our fabulous fanfares... toot toot toot! So, I have to tell you something now... blowing my very own trumpet actually... the lady told me that it was my very own idea for her to use the pattern twice on the very same quilt... and I thought that it was she who was the genius!! ha ha ha
Another customer came to show us her Fabulous and Finished, grandson gifting quilt. We have made this quilt up as she's gone along... and she is very pleased with the result... she even has a plan to make a co-ordinating cushion with the left-over fabrics.... wonderful!... on the right road to getting back to patchwork and quilting... after giving it all up almost 9 years ago, Boom!!!